Cutting End Grain

Grained Cut is very different from brushing with the grain, but requires a large amount of pressure regulation. In fact, the cut end grain requires about three

Once the force required to cut parallel to the grain. You can do four things at the end grain cutting easier.

Firstly, you can keep the blade edge as interested as possible. Second, you can take lighter cuts. Third, one can keep the angle of inclination of the sheet low as possible, consistent with retaining edge, however, it is a matter of trial and error. It starts with a low angle (20 ° for softwood and 25 ° for hardwoods) and increase only if you get board failure. The failure is easily explained by streaking on the head. Fourth, it may be tilt the plane. Instead of straight cut across the grain, maintain the plane oblique to the path of movement. This has the same effect as the decrease bevel, because it reduces the cutting angle. If you have a cutting angle of 27 °, rotating the plane 45 ° and taking an oblique cut, get the same cutting action, it would be if he had abandoned the angle of inclination of 20 °. If further inclined plane, for example at 60 °, a rake angle reaches 14 °. Not fail because the edge exactly the same amount of force is applied to the deformation of the top sheet width. This leads directly to

One of the bits of the tool known technique – a polarizing plate can be used to sharpen an angle smaller than a blade for cutting through direct wood, while maintaining the sharpness of the blade shapes.

Fig. 1: Prevention Division.

Fig. 2: Grain final brushing using a shooting board.

Final grain brushing involves a large amount of force. It is therefore important to keep the piece firmly in place. If possible, attach the piece upright in a vise, keeping a low level so that work safe and comfortable.

Note that in the edge of the head piece is split easily. Fractionation can prevent the binding of a small piece of the edge block. Another form of grain final plan is to use a trigger plate. Guide the plane to cut a perfectly square edge (or a beveled edge if you want) and holding the workpiece so as to prevent chipping of wood fibers taste. Boards are generally shot for shot from 90 ° (left) or 45 ° for miter cuts.

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