Tools Varindera origin in 1984 as the basis of Sdr. Gurkirpal Singh. Based on the company, as a commercial enterprise. We have a long journey through one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of hand tools and cutlery today Sdr. Gurkirpal Singh is on your shoulders, Mr. Varinder Pal Singh Sarabjit Singh has supported children and more than two decades of pioneering work, “Varindera” formed by the leading companies in the manufacture of hand tools. Export to Dubai began in 1984, we are slowly covered in other countries, including Turkey, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Bangkok, Thailand, Yemen, Egypt, United States, Brazil and many other countries around the world . Today, we have a strong presence in the Middle East.

Guaranteed five hammers maintain high and lead a team of skilled workers and experts. The company uses modern technology machinery Vertical CNC Center. Machines CAD / CAM, hardness and torque test, EDM machines, hammers, up setters United States, Britain and Japan. We specialize in different types of keys, wrenches, pliers and a chisel. We have a wide range of professional tools general keywords, all under one roof. Our range includes Keys, DOE spanner, wrench, spanner, two cross-way wheel wrench, allen key bezel, etc involved manufacturing systems turnbuckles DIN quality standards are producing the best quality products. Meet our new customer as scaffolding for construction companies have begun to include forging, casting and manufacturing of products such as dummy couplers Ledger Blade, Top Cup, on stands undermined, and various types of Nuts & Teller

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