Posts bracing

Posts bracing

Technician in a previous bulletin, showed a very effective way to attach one end or corner post near a buried wire around a rock. For those of you
son using guide for raspberries and we want to be able to address the mowing position or culture, supporting the position of the inner
(Among the raspberries) is more logical, as long as you put the key in place before the raspberries. As with any wood that will result in
soil, red cedar, redwood, cedar or white aromatic cedar are among the best options. The advantage of the clamp illustrated
is that the tension on the guide wires of inward angling inevitably causes the rear, the screws can be removed from the upper end of the flange 2 and

4 × re cast after the message is recovered. This allows a number of subsequent dressing without the replacement of part of the clamp.

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